Episode 17

Craig Conant Fights The Devil on Ayahuasca

Craig Conant has fought the devil in the multiverse and he's back to bring Lara with him, but she's not so sure if it's safe for her. Craig also shares how ayahuasca is better than pharmaceuticals at beating some of your nastiest demons, plus he brings some choice words for Hollywood CEOs and he and Lara motivate a listener on giving the Maid of Honor speech at her sister's wedding.


  • 00:00 - Coming Up
  • 01:20 - Craig Conant!
  • 02:25 - More of Steph Tolev's Sexy Texts
  • 05:08 - Don't Bring a First Date to Your Job
  • 09:01 - Fighting Weed & Beating Porn
  • 10:18 - Intro to Ayahuasca
  • 14:49 - Question 1: Surviving The Hollywood Strikes
  • 16:55 - Riding Ayahuasca Into The Multiverse
  • 34:24 - Question 2: Fear of Public Speaking
  • 40:04 - Thanks & Plugs



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Comedian LARA BEITZ ("bites") hosts "UNSOUND ADVICE," the new series that offers you help from someone who's been a member of numerous 12-step programs for issues including substance abuse, relationship issues, finances, eating disorders and what she terms "family stuff." After putting in the work to turn her life around, her fellow comedians began seeking her advice. Now, she and her friends are opening up their circle to offer advice they have no business giving on how to tackle some of life's most daunting challenges and funniest conundrums.

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Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, LARA BEITZ cut her teeth in the Chicago comedy scene before moving to LA and becoming the most talked about new addition to the legendary Comedy Store’s stable. Since becoming a regular, Lara has quickly gained fans from the top of the comedy world, including Judd Apatow, and Joe Rogan, who took to Instagram to call her “the real deal.” She gained more fans soon after by appearing on David Spade’s Comedy Central series LIGHTS OUT. At present, Lara routinely opens arenas for Joe Rogan across the country and makes recurring cameos on The Joe Rogan Experience – one of Spotify’s top podcasts.
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BiO: J.P. Buck is an Emmy-nominated producer who has spent the past 15 years working for Conan O’Brien, both as a Supervising Producer on his late night show, and developing and leading additional TV, digital and live projects that expanded the Team Coco brand into a multi-platform media company. His other producing credits include specials for Chris Redd, Moses Storm, Beth Stelling, Daniel Sloss, and Ellen DeGeneres, and series like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Star Search, and The Pete Holmes Show.